Virtual Sessions and Events

I’d love to support your practice.

I offer ongoing drop-in sessions and monthly membership, as well as seasonal retreats.

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Virtual Offerings

Weekly Sessions

Slow down, reflect, and connect in a supportive group environment through ongoing drop-in mindfulness sessions held virtually over Zoom.

Give yourself the time and space to tune in to your unique inner knowing and wisdom.

I welcome you to join me for ongoing mindfulness sessions where we can begin to release the distraction and disconnection.

These sessions include a 20-minute guided mindfulness meditation with time for reflections in the group afterward. Sessions are approximately 30-45 minutes. Sharing is encouraged and never required.


Enjoy unlimited admission to ongoing sessions. Members receive exclusive meditation recordings and prompts for further reflection and support.

Your practice is my priority. Through unlimited admission to ongoing sessions, exclusive meditations and prompts, as a member, you’ll have everything you need to live from a place of greater ease, connection, and trust.

Develop and maintain a transformative and sustainable mindfulness practice from the comfort of your own home.

Seasonal Retreats

Discover the joy of the present moment during day-long retreats designed to deepen your practice in the powerful container of community.

Retreat practice is a beautiful way to come home to yourself and offer yourself the gift of your kind attention and presence.

By taking the time to deepen our practice in a nonjudgmental and supportive space, we create the opportunity for authentic expression and inspiration to emerge.

When we bring awareness to the present moment, we nourish ourselves and increase our well-being, trust, and rejuvenation.

First Session

Your first session
is a gift from my heart to yours.

I’d love to invite you to your first group drop-in mindfulness session as a gift.

If you’re interested, simply fill out the form below and I’ll send you the link.

I look forward to our practice!

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Benefits of Mindfulness

Emotional Intelligence

Respond rather than react

Release Stress

Release the negative impacts of stress with nervous system regulation and attunement


Reflect and share with others practicing alongside you

Body Awareness

Recognize the body’s intelligence


Develop a deep and kind relationship with yourself


Increase focus, creativity, and authentic expression

What Clients are Saying

Taking class with Jeanne has been a grounding force in my life, as well as an unexpected source of community. Jeanne creates and cultivates a space to have an authentic experience and feel safe sharing about it. I’m grateful to her for bringing this grounding element into my life!

-Caitlin W.

Jeanne’s meditation guidance is some of the best I’ve ever experienced…Practicing with Jeanne is special because of her total commitment to a non-judgmental space of acceptance and reflection…My practice has deepened immensely since working with Jeanne.

-Nina M.

Community Agreements

Group practice is a great way to deepen your practice and take intentional time for self-care. Creating a nurturing, supportive space where all are welcome is of the utmost importance to me. Group environments can come with their challenges, and one way to create the conditions for a supportive experience is to uphold community agreements.

Consider these a guideline for our sharing periods, and if any other agreements come up for you or are important to you while practicing in a group space please let me know. If you ever feel these guidelines are not being upheld, I welcome your feedback. The below are sourced from Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness by David Treleaven.


A basic agreement that what is shared within the group space will not be shared outside the group. Sharing about one’s own experience outside of the sessions is of course welcome.


Respect the dignity of others, and refrain from humiliating, abusing, or intentionally harming someone in any way.

Speak from Your
Own Experience

Encouragement to use “I” statements wherever possible. Refrain from speaking on behalf of a group of people. Please do not offer each other unsolicited advice.

One Speaker

A request that one person speaks at a time instead of interrupting one another.


You always have the choice to participate in any practice and can pass during any group sharing period.

Thank you for your commitment as we continue to explore what it means to create safe environments for introspection and reflection. I am full of gratitude to you for sharing your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is your device and an internet connection to attend the classes on Zoom. For meditation, you can use a cushion, chair, bed, bench, yoga mat, rug, or couch, whatever is most comfortable for you.

You can! Believing that you “can’t” meditate is a common idea that has to do with the misconception that meditation is about stopping ourselves from thinking. However, the function of the mind is to think. Research shows that humans have about 6,000 thoughts per day- that’s a lot of thoughts. Thinking isn’t a reason not to meditate- the fact that our minds are racing is actually a reason to meditate. By changing our relationship to our thoughts, we stand to gain the benefits of greater ease, well-being and connection in our lives.

When I decided to deepen my practice and pursue teacher training, it was really important to me to learn how to facilitate from a flexible, trauma-informed lens. The adjustments I learned to incorporate during meditation have made all the difference for myself and my clients. If you’ve tried to meditate before and didn’t have a good experience, I am confident we can find a way to approach the practice that honors your unique needs and circumstances.

First of all, amazing- Thank you so much for being here. You are absolutely in the right place. In many ways, being a beginner puts you at an advantage. As the Zen monk and teacher Shunryu Suzuki famously said, “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.” All of my offerings are designed to meet you exactly where you are, no previous experience necessary.

Absolutely- My guess is you can probably relate to the idea of being a lifelong learner. This mindset was instilled in me during my training and I continue to take classes of all levels to keep growing, maturing, and receiving support in my practice. Experienced meditators love these sessions and have found them to be supportive to their ongoing practice.

All are welcome! As a lifelong actor, most of my clients are involved in the arts in one way or another and include writers, actors, performers, and those forging their own unique path. Whether you consider yourself a creative or not, I welcome you to join us.

Jeanne Lauren Smith meditating

Let’s take the time to slow down, reflect, and connect.

It is my honor to share the transformative practice of mindfulness.
I welcome you to join me.